Dr Marie-Chantal Gaudreault

Podiatrist, Co‑Founder
Dr Marie-Chantal Gaudreault

Offered Services

A podiatric clinic at the cutting edge of technology

We have all the equipment necessary to diagnose and treat your foot conditions. In fact, we are equipped with radiology and ultrasound for rapid results.

Initial Consultation

Biomechanical Assessment (regular or running)

1 hour — $120 (+$100 for x-rays)

You have an internal foot pain ? Bunions ? Flat feet ? Abnormal gait?The biomechanical exam is a rigorous assessment of the way you move. This involves: review of health history and overall training profile, functional tests in lying and standing positions, analysis of plantar pressures in action (walking or running), radiological analysis of the feet. Thus, your podiatrist is able to give you an assessment of the health of your feet and advise you on a treatment plan adapted to your needs.

Biomechanical Assessment for Skiers with Simulator

80 min — $225 (including the ski sumulator)+100$ for x-rays

In addition to their field of podiatric expertise, our two podiatrists have been trained in Whistler in bootfitting, a happy mix to allow you to ski more easily and in comfort. Whether for foot irritation, plantar pain or higher pain (knees, hips, back) when skiing, the positioning of your foot and your boot are often to blame. This service includes a global biomechanical assessment and analysis of plantar pressures directly on your ski boots using the ski simulator.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

40 to 60 min — From $395 (visit included)

Ingrown toenail surgery is a simple and permanent solution that aims specifically to remove the corner(s) of a nail that penetrates the skin. This procedure is effective in stopping the pain caused by ingrown toenails while respecting their aesthetics.

Dermatological Podiatric Consultation

$120 + Fees (ex: local anesthesia $85)

This service is for a skin or nail problem that prevents you from practicing your sport comfortably (e.g. painful corn, painful ingrown toenail not requiring surgery, hematoma under the nail). This applies to a problem WITH pain and is NOT routine maintenance care.

Complementary Treatments

Plantar Orthoses

1 h — 635$

Foot orthotics that are adapted as much to the way you move as to your favorite activity. These are custom made and tailored for you with the aim of healing an injury, improving your performance or simply to allow you to play outside in comfort. At our clinic, your orthotics are always tested using our technology to analyze your plantar pressures with and without the orthotics, which leads to a more precise fit.

Shockwave Therapy

20 min — 170$

Radial shockwave therapy is an effective treatment option for long-standing problems that are not relieved by usual treatment modalities. This treatment is particularly effective in stopping chronic heel pain: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendinosis.

Ultrasound-Guided Injections

30 min — Starting at $175

Ultrasound-guided injections involve injecting an anti-inflammatory medication (cortisone) or a viscosupplement directly to the site of pain using ultrasound to direct the needle precisely to the desired location. A viscosupplement is used to lubricate a joint suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Cortisone will be used to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain.

Diagnostic Imagery

1 h — XRAY $100 or Diagnostic ultrasound $170

In podiatry, digital radiography is used to refine a diagnosis concerning a problem related to the feet, it allows the visualization of bone and joint structures. Ultrasound is a radiation-free medical imaging to visualize soft tissue : tendons, ligaments, fascias, superficial masses, foreign bodies, etc.

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Dr Marie-Chantal Gaudreault
Dr Marie-Chantal Gaudreault
Podiatrist, Co‑Founder

About me

The joy of playing outside.

All through my childhood, I had the chance to spend a lot of time outside, in nature. I've always been keen for action: it's in movement that I relax! So I quickly understood that playing outside is a vital resource for me... Now as an adult, running, cycling, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, long hikes and sometimes kitesurfing, paddleboarding ...for me these are all excuses to go outside and play. I like to say that I don't excel at anything but that I'm very good at enjoying any activity, as long as it takes place outside (...and especially if there's a hint of adventure!)
The course of my career

It was in 2010 that I began my career as a podiatrist. I worked in a few podiatric clinics in Montreal before starting my own practice. Over time, I expanded my toolbox by taking various training courses. I.e. ultrasound, manual therapy, running analysis, shock wave therapy, Bootfitting, etc. It allowed me to continually learn, gain experience in my field and shape my vision.

Faithful Bromont weekenders for years, Vincent and I had an old dream of getting closer to the mountains and the forest. It finally came to reality in 2019 when we threw ourselves body and soul into this project that La Base has become.

How lucky we are to live in Bromont with our two boys, Jules and Charles! Boots finally walk the talk; playing outside is gradually becoming our real way of life. My mission is aligned more than ever and I am fulfilled to be able to treat such an inspiring population, all surrounded by passionate colleagues who share similar values!
Keeping you active!

I sincerely believe that movement is the foundation (the base!) of our health, both physical and psychological, even more so if it is experienced in the form of play. Simply, humans are machines that must move to do well!

Performance and excellence are always stimulating and motivating but I believe that it is really in the state of play that we are able to escape and recharge our batteries! Even more important, it is by having fun that movement becomes an integral part of our lives and this is how we can benefit from its benefits... This is all well and good but if our feet start to hurt, let's be honest, it just ruins everything!

My mission is therefore simply to help people play outside as much as they want and in the way they are passionate about, without being limited by a problem related to their feet.